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Why the Canadian Baseball World would end without the Toronto Blue Jays!

Why the Canadian Baseball World would end without the Toronto Blue Jays!

May 15, 2018

Toronto Blue Jays!
The '92 and '93 Championship winning team is often referred as Canada's national team when it comes to baseball; the same way the Atlanta Braves were known to be America's team in the early 90s.

There are quite a handful of reasons for the same but, one of the prominent reasons why the Blue Jays have such an extensive fan following across Canada is because in a relatively short span since their inception in 1977, they have transformed themselves from an expansion doormat to a championship squad.

Just about every team goes through a rough patch and so did the Toronto Blue Jays for, after their back to back Championship victories, the fans saw their team fall behind and not even qualify for the playoffs in 21 seasons.
While this would, of course, dwindle the spirits of any fan, the team's revival over the years was a process that was backed by every soul in the stadium. The team also gave it back to the deserving fans with a hard-fought division series victory in 2015.

The affinity for people has grown to an extent that the colour Blue runs deeper in their veins than blood. And during games, the colour does not flow simply on their jerseys and t-shirts, which in a way is a standard issue for anyone who walks through but, it's on their hats, their shoes and sometimes even their hair.

From a nation that simply could not get enough of hockey, has been backing baseball or rather, backing the Toronto Blue Jays with full gusto. And also because in the year 2005, the Montreal Expos became the Washington Nationals; leaving Canada with just one major league team.
The crowds feel that the team truly represents their country for, the team itself always tries and ensures that they appeal to the Canadian crowd. Even a simple gesture of playing at home on Canada Day gives a reason enough for the country to gather together and root for them.
In fact, in the year 2008, they even restored Canada's red maple leaf to the team's logo.

One has to admit that, hockey has always been Canada's sport but, when you have seven NHL teams spread across the country, one has their own favourites. On the other hand, when it comes to baseball, supporting the Toronto Blue Jays is quite literally national pride; wherein the Rogers Centre is the place to be, with blue being the national colour. Top it off with a support of over 30 million fans.
And to imagine a scenario without the Blue Jays, one can simply say that the Canadian Baseball World would end.