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Louisiana-based rapper Kevin Gates announces, 'I'm Him' Tour Dates

Louisiana-based rapper Kevin Gates announces, 'I'm Him' Tour Dates

Aug 14, 2019

Kevin Gates, is an American rapper, singer has been on our radar even before his first studio album,” Islah”, peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200 chart in January 2016.

He has had a tumultuous background alternating prison sentences and working on music solo and also with friends Boosie Badazz and Webbie whom he grew up with in Baton Rouge. He did make use of his time in prison by earning a master’s in psychology and getting out early for good behaviour. Perhaps his background is what showed him the way to starting his own record label rather than following the usual musician’s path of being represented by someone else. This entrepreneur and rebel released other mixtapes prior to “Isiah ”including “Stranger Than Fiction”, “By Any Means”, and “Luca Brasi 2”, that peaked in top 40 on Billboard. 

His style is one of confessions or autobiographical lyrics delivered to the rhythm of Southern beats. His raw honesty has always been a central contribution to his artistry. His recurrent themes are depression, poverty, and prison but also faith and motivation and love. "Find You Again," is about the renewal of his love for his wife whom he had pushed away before his prison sentence because of the vulnerability that stemmed from this adversity.

Gates received a 30-month prison sentence, the consequence of a 2013 gun charge which has slowed down the momentum that his 2016 debut album, could have given his career. The prison stint afforded him time to come back to the scene with new music.

As the rapper says, "If you don’t believe in determination, you will be exterminated," so, in spite of this setback, he is ready to give back to his fan base with the upcoming tour.

After his prison release in 2018 he doled out “Chained to the City” and “Only Generals the Gon Understand” and a preview to, “I'm Him”. 

“I'm Him” is an indication of how he has witnessed his growth, in spite of all the trials and tribulations and moments of self-loathing due to his self-imposed setbacks. 

"I'm watching Kevin Gates grow," the rapper confides. "I'm proud of it. He's starting not to make excuses. He's starting to hold himself accountable. I'm proud of him.”

He wryly admits that it, “It took a little longer then it took for most people. Women mature faster than men, but I'm proud of him." Thus, the launch of “I’m Him.” As he says in his interview with Billboard “I am H.I.M. I am H.I.M. His imperial majesty/ big timer, Benz driver, bread winner anatomy!" 

Gates just released in August 2019 the single “Double Dutch” which is part of his upcoming album “I’m Him”. The song comes after his most recent single “Push It,”, also a teaser for “I’m Him”. 

The Kevin Gates tour 2019 is roaring to go. As the rapper confides to Billboard, “Everybody loves Kevin Gates. I’m about to be really, really famous. It scares me.” If life is made of contradictions, then Kevin Gates’ life is certainly no exception. Indeed, after his recent prison sentence, this tour will propel him to new heights. And he knows it .”I’m afraid of the light. But I’m going to embrace it, because this is my destiny. “ He adds that, “If you don’t embrace your destiny, if you don’t believe in determination, you will be exterminated. After all, “This is the game we play and I’m all in.” 

You can see how all in he is if you check out Kevin Gates tour dates 2019. The “I'm Him Tour” includes 32 dates. The tour “I’m Him” is set to launch August 24th, 2019 at The Rave/Eagles Club Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US and will wrap up November 30th, 2019 at WAMU Theater in Seattle, Washington.

In between those dates, he will be visiting cities of Wisconsin, Austin, Edinburgh, Morgantown, Memphis, Baltimore, Alexandria, Chicago, Kansas City, Royal Oak, Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Norfolk, Durham, Richmond, Nashville, Atlanta, Orlando, New Orleans, Birmingham, Jackson, Louisiana, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Boise, Portland, San Francisco, Pomona and Los Angeles, Washington. 

Kevin Gates tickets are available for all these cities. A Kevin Gates concert is a promise for an intense performance.