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Justin Timberlake Heads Out on 'The Man of the Woods' Tour!

Justin Timberlake Heads Out on 'The Man of the Woods' Tour!

Nov 20, 2018

The biggest male pop star looks like he is just going blues and folk with his love of fine country living and the great outdoors-Nashville style “Man of the Woods”. But do not get fooled as it is a lot more complex than that. His style cannot be defined so easily. No, this is not just plain ole country livin’. Listen to the hyper-sexual innuendos and lyrics in “Sauces” and “Filthy. Listen to the funny American ode to the ‘Flannel ’shirt.

Sexy, mature, reassuring, checkered shirt clad Justin is a hip-hop crooner with a country and western edge inspired by the southern rock of his native Tennessee flavoured with an R&B twist. Let’s not forget that Justin Timberlake music also has his signature love crooner sprinkled on top of all this.

The stage design is composed of a mainstage at one end of the arena with a winding runway from one end of the arena to the other with a small stage in the middle, and a slightly bigger one at the end. Lucky spectators fill the winding path between all the stages. There are faux trees alongside the edges of the runway and vertical screens with images of the performance on stage as well images of tone setting forests and fireflies, and a sky full of stars. 

Justin offers us in this larger than life setting almost all of his hits, and most of this really innovative Justin Timberlake Man of The Woods album. Get your larger than life view with Justin Timberlake tickets. Check out the Justin Timberlake tour dates.