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AJR - This Band of Brothers brings You the Click Tour

AJR - This Band of Brothers brings You the Click Tour

Nov 16, 2018

The AJR band has rightfully earned the name Click Tour. As soon as you listen to this band of brothers, everything clicks into place, like it always does when a soft smile fills your being. That is what their earnest words, sweetly pitched voice, melodious harmony and swaying chorus brings you. The talented and multi-instrumentalist brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met are a do-it-all-yourself pop group who write, produce and mix their own material in the living room of their Chelsea apartment. Their ultra-cool urban style confirms the Chelsea address. The band name "AJR" simply comes from the first initials of Adam, Jack, and Ryan. That is what they are: simply good so when you listen to them it simply clicks into place that making good music is what they should be doing.

Their music style has been described as "electric", combining elements of pop, doo-wop, electronic, and dubstep. Simply said it transports you into a chill, happy, Zen place.

In Spring 2013, AJR's Ryan Met decided it was time to get out there so he tweeted a link to a video of their song "I'm Ready" to about 80 celebrities, including Australian singer Sia Furler. Generous Furler told her manager about the song, who contacted Steve Greenberg, former president of Columbia Records and current CEO and Founder of S-Curve Records. Since that fateful meeting, he is their co-manager. AJR's debut single, "I'm Ready", features a sample of SpongeBob SquarePants repeatedly singing his catchphrase, "I'm ready” and was released on August 22, 2013. The song was placed in regular rotation on Sirius XM Radio's Top 20 on 20 and Hits 1 stations. Soon after they performed the song on Good Day New York and VH1's Big Morning Buzz. And then everything clicked into place.

AJR is the coolest band brothers out there. Check out AJR tour dates so you can experience AJR live. Now is the time to check out AJR concert dates. Listen to AJR music and it will all click into place.