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8 Insane (but true) Facts about Metallica!

8 Insane (but true) Facts about Metallica!

Jun 12, 2018

2nd September 2018 marks the beginning of the second leg of Metallica's "WorldWired" Tour. Over a course of 6 months, the legendary band will be performing across North America, before concluding their tour on 13th March 2019 at the Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids.

From being a typical garage band to being the cornerstones of thrash metal; Metallica has achieved a Godly status over a journey spanning almost 4 decades. And we think it is only justified to rewind to their fierce beginning and mention a few insane facts about Metallica.


1. Born out of a Newspaper Ad
In the year 1981, drummer Lars Ulrich placed an ad in The Recycler, a newspaper in Los Angeles, California. Singer/guitarist James Hetfield and lead guitarist Dave Mustaine responded to the ad, and on being offered a spot on the 'Metal Massacre' compilation album, they were in.

2. Birth of Megadeth
After being a part of Metallica for only 2 years, Dave Mustaine was fired from the band in 1983 because of his unhinged behaviour under the influence of alcohol and was replaced by Kirk Hammett. From here, Dave Mustaine went on to form Megadeth but, held a grudge against Metallica until December 2011 when he joined them onstage for a 30th-anniversary show in San Francisco.

3. The Big Four
Metallica is famous for its fast tempos, aggressive strumming and loud vocal; placing them as one of the founding bands of thrash metal. That is why they are often referred to as a part of the "The Big Four" that also includes Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer.

4. S&M
In one of the most unusual moves for a thrash metal band, Metallica recorded a live performance with The San Francisco Symphony, a 100-musician strong orchestra conducted by Michael Kamen. The live album was called S&M, an abbreviation of Symphony and Metallica. The album which was recorded on the 21st & 22nd of April, 1999 at The Berkeley Community Theatre, was the last Metallica album to feature Jason Newsted as their bassist.

5. The Jason Newsted-Robert Trujillo Switch
After the tragic death of bassist Cliff Burton, Jason Newsted joined Metallica from 'Flotsam and Jetsam' in 1986. And after 17 long years, he left the band on 17th January 2001 to pursue his band, with an eventual move to Ozzy Osbourne’s band, Suicidal Tendencies. This move was set in motion when bassist Robert Trujillo left Ozzy's band to join Metallica in 2003. In fact, he was even given a £1 million advance to play for Metallica.

6. First Band to Perform on Seven Continents
From a garage to seven continents! In 2013, Metallica performed a concert in a closed dome in Antarctica for a small team of scientist and fans. This performance helped them make their way into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2013, as the first band to play on all the seven continents in a calendar year.

7. Awards Galore
Since their inception, Metallica has won 9 Grammy Awards amongst the many accolades that they have achieved. The release of their album 'Death Magnetic' in 2008 made history because it made them the only band in the history of the US to have had five consecutive studio albums debut at number 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200. They made history yet again when their sixth studio album "Hardwired" debuted at number 1 in 2016.

8. Top-selling Rock Act of 2017
The reason why we deem this piece of information to be insane is that, even after 35 years, their last "WorldWired" Tour in 2017, sold over 1.5 million tickets sold and earned $153 million; making them the top-selling rock act of the year.

Fans of hard rock and metal, it's time to start counting days to yet another scintillating tour, as the veteran four-piece comes to your city.