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6 Reasons Why You Can't Miss Disney's Aladdin

6 Reasons Why You Can't Miss Disney's Aladdin

May 15, 2018

The legendary tale of Aladdin.
Who isn't familiar with it? And if you are Disney fan of any age then, their Broadway musical of Aladdin is a must-see for, the original 1992 animated film has been given such a drastic makeover, while still retaining the legendary songs and humour.

Since it's first show, Disney's Aladdin has amassed a widespread fan following spread across the US, the UK, Australia, Germany and Japan.
If you are still wondering if Disney's Aladdin is worth the hype then, let us give you 6 reasons why it surely is:

- The Genie
Never has there been a character so widely anticipated by the audience, young and old alike. From the time Genie is released from the lamp, the auditorium simply lights up with excitement.
Ask anyone who has seen the musical, and we are sure they would agree that the genie, makes the show worth your money.

- The Costumes
Often referred as Broadway's shiniest musical; Aladdin showcases some unparalleled costumes with a brilliant use of the shades of neon, glamorous dresses and shimmering Swarovski crystals and stones. In fact, a song in the musical records the highest number of crystals, with a total of 1428.

- The Music
The musical play isn't simply inspired by the original 1992 film; in fact, they have adopted five songs and also included three unreleased songs from the movie, with the addition of four completely new songs.
The song 'A Whole New World', known for being one of the best musical numbers, is the perfect choice for Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding dance. For most of us, it is a nostalgic reminder of the original Disney film.

- The Set
There is a tendency by a majority of plays to slightly slack when it comes to the set design; not Aladdin. The set quite literally comes alive scene by scene; be it the market stalls or the realistic stone walls or the design of sky moving autonomously, giving a stunning visual treat.
What will also blow your mind is the Cave of Wonders.

- The Star of the Broadway
The accolades and awards rightly define the response of critics and fans alike; which makes Aladdin one of the best musicals on Broadway. But, the costumes, lighting, sets, music and acting come together to make Aladdin the star of the Broadway.

- The Magic Carpet
This is a surprise that we won't spoil. Rest assured, it is a feast for all your senses.

Need we say more?

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