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MLS Tickets

MLS and Global Soccer Events Overview

Major League Soccer (MLS), known globally as football, reigns as the world's most popular sport, with a vast fan base spanning the globe. In the United States, the men's Major League Soccer playoffs culminate in the MLS Cup, a highly anticipated event held from November to December. The National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) championships in the U.S. take place in October, drawing significant attention.

While the MLS Cup is a major event for American soccer fans, the pinnacle of global soccer is the FIFA World Cup. This prestigious month-long tournament, featuring the world's top national teams, occurs every four years in June and is regarded as the most elite soccer competition.

Other significant international tournaments include the UEFA European Championship (Euro), which sees national teams from across Europe compete, and the Copa America, which determines the champion national team of South America.

History of Soccer and MLS

Soccer's origins trace back to ancient Greece and Rome, evolving significantly over time. The Football Association later improved the Cambridge Rules in 1863, which served as the foundation for modern regulations. FIFA, formed in 1914, oversees international soccer, including the World Cup, which began in 1930 and is celebrated as the premier global soccer event, held every four years.

The Copa America started as the South American Football Championship in 1916, and the UEFA European Championship was inaugurated in 1960, occurring every four years.

Major League Soccer was founded in 1993 in the United States, while the National Women's Soccer League, as it is known today, started in 2012. The FIFA Women's World Cup has been a quadrennial event since 1991, showcasing the best women's national teams in soccer.

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